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How long after laying block paving can I drive on it?

Once your block paving has been completed we recommend 48 hours before driving, parking or placing any plant pots. However, foot traffic is permitted after 2-3 hours.

Will there be any disruption?

None whatsoever. At Premier Paving we are renowned for our ability to complete jobs in an efficient manner with minimal fuss, and this level of service is something that’s really hard to come by with other companies. We work in a quiet manner without making any unnecessary mess, meaning that you’re able to continue life as usual while we complete the job for you.

How long should block paving last?

If well maintained with jet washing, regular removal of weeds and proper sealing, an area of block paving can last in excess of ten years. We always provide expert advice to our clients on how best to maintain their block paving.

Does Block paving require resealing?

Yes, it’s good practice to reseal your block paving driveway as regularly as every 2-3 years.

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