A driveway is much more than just a practical, off-street place to park your car.

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How long will a driveway take to install?

That really depends on the size of the project, and following the assessment of your property we will be able to give a more specific timeframe. However, we can advise that a medium-sized driveway to a standard semi-detached house usually takes around 4 days to complete.

Do I need planning permission for a block paved driveway?

Planning permission isn’t usually necessary for block paved areas, if your property area suffers from flooding problems or water runs into a public drain, then the council might need to be contacted to look at the drainage options available. All councils vary in their rules, so it’s always best to check, for more information, we’ll be more than happy to provide assistance and guidance.

Do I need a drop kerb?

If you need to drive a vehicle over the public footpath onto your driveway, you’ll need to install a drop kerb.

A drop kerb allows vehicles to cross the pavement from the road to a driveway and it is a legal requirement to have a drop kerb if you want to drive across the pavement onto your property.

Why should I consider a block paving driveway?

While block paving is just one of many options from which you can choose for your patio or driveway, it is hard-wearing and can be used to create a particularly unique look. Therefore, you can have your patio or driveway installed in colours or patterns that suit the rest of your home.

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